If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve either a) come across the change to my LinkedIn status and clicked through, or, b) the Google machine is doing it’s thang and making our web developer very happy (and us) by ranking us highly on our search terms. However you’ve come to be here, your welcome to Momentugram, the blogging area for Momentum Advisory!

I seem to have been saying ‘Feel the fear and do it anyway’ quite a lot over the last few months. As I’ve been making the transition from salaried employee (and part-time consultant) to full throttle self-employed, I’ve been feeling a mix of emotions…ranging from scared out of my wits, to bubbling over with excitement. Both equally natural, I’m sure. The decision to branch out wasn’t made lightly and, I remember my first career coach commenting years ago that there was a business in me itching to get out. I didn’t believe it at all then, craving security as I was. But, I believe it now, as I feel ready to be challenged, pushed out of my comfort zone and equipped to deliver value to clients in the SME space.

As I’ve gotten older and gained experience, the vision has finally formed, it hadn’t back then. It would be so romantic to tell you that I felt the stars aligned and I felt I’d get lucky, but that wouldn’t be at all true. What is true, is that as well as the vision, I believe in the Momentum Advisory value proposition (more of that anon..), see the need in the SME market for solid sales and marketing enablement and have a plan for how to work with businesses and help them scale.

So, about that value proposition, well… that’s going to vary on what you need, and until we have established what you need, we are not in the habit of throwing out blanket value statements. But, what we can promise you is this:

1) Honest intention behind our actions. We have a burning desire to see your business reach its fullest potential. Your success will be our success. With us, you won’t find any big egos or overstated claims of where we can bring you to. We will bring a healthy dose of realism and practicality to every assignment

2) Clarity to achieving your goals. We won’t just make recommendations on actions to be taken. We’ll go that extra mile to walk you, or walk with you, through how those goals can be achieved with the relevant actions

3) Meeting or exceeding your expectations. We will always outline at the beginning of any engagement, what is possible and realistic to expect as an outcome to engaging with us. There will be regular check-ins to ensure we are all moving in the right direction. At a very minimum we will expect to meet your expectations, but be assured, we will be constantly striving to exceed them! One of our favourite mantras here at Momentum Advisory ‘No-one ever regretted going that extra mile’!

Back to that fear thing. Doing things that we fear helps us grow. The more fear, the more the opportunity for learning. We are ready to work with and learn with you. Are you ready to grow?

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